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Good Morning, good afternoon or good evening. Welcome to Kevin's homepage.

Living for several years on the west coast of British Columbia (now in Richmond, Vancouver) has deeply influenced Kevin's work. Kevin is from a family of artitsts and was trained in the Central Institution of Fine Art in China. He is skilled in water color, oil, and ink. His painting have been displayed in both Canada and China.

Kevin has a set of Tang Dynasty paintings. Each contain it's own historical background. The above painting beside the title of this page is one. Kevin would like to thank his wife, Karen, for helping him design these pictures. Here we have a few of these paintings. For further information about them please contact Kevin.

Kevin has taught over 100 students in Prince Rupert alone. He is a very qualified teacher. For lesson information, you may have a look of the schedule by going into the Art Lessons page, or you may contact Kevin by email.

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